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News 16 September 2020

GVP Equipment Solutions will present rotary sieve machine by German company AZO GmbH + Co

At IFFIP GVP Equipment Solutions will present rotary sieve machine by the German company AZO GmbH + Co at the stand 1C421. The machine is designed for small and big baking enterprises and is intended to provide the best quality of bakery by means of extraction of all agglomerates and additives and maximum aeration of flour during sifting.

This sieve machine will be available for testing and rent at the enterprises in Ukraine. 



Rotary sieve machine by Azo allows:

  • Performing control sieving before and during processing
    Prevents from any dirt, for instance, fiber from bags, clumps and paper leftovers.
  • Aeration of clumps
    Is recommended when raw materials from bags or moisture-absorbing bulk materials are processed. Gentle aeration of clumps without losses of product.
  • Aeration of flour before dough kneading machine
    Thanks to rotary drum flour is aerated as much as possible in the process of sifting
  • Conforms with HACCP and IFS

You can find out more about advantages for your product at the stand 1C421 of GVP Equipment Solutions.

Due to sieves made of different materials and various sizes (from 50 microns) this solution allows choosing the right sieve for each product, capacity and demands of a client. Flour sieve by Azo improves fermentation of dough due to intensive aeration of flour and facilitates increase of bakery and confectionery quality. Watch the video to see how sieve machine operates:

An important peculiarity is work of sieve machine as an independent mobile unite which can be moved, or built into bulk system of storage and transporting of flour in flow. Magnet separator for any components including ferrum can be installed to sieve machine. Thanks to replaceable sieves it is possible to sieve flour of first sort of 200 microns with capacity of 500 kg/hour and more depending on model and type of the chosen sieve.

Visit our stand 1C421 of GVP Equipment Solutions and see 70 year experience of German engineers with your own eyes. We will be glad to see you!