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News 15 September 2020

Ecological adhesive ЕСО – novelty by the company Lux-Х

The company Lux-X will present a new line of adhesives ECO at the international forum of food industry and packaging IFFIP.

The adhesive ECO was developed in the process of research of employees of scientific laboratory of Lux-X. As a result of thorough work, 5 unique marks of adhesives LUXECO were designed and successfully launched into production.

Adhesives LUX ECO are made exclusively of safe components which are allowed for use in production of food packaging, products for kids and other types of products. It is easy to work with this group of adhesives in hard production conditions, use in work with different paper and cardboard, for assembling of packaging and printing products.

Adhesives by ECO have many advantages: high adhesive properties, high speed of setting, which allows working with adhesive on modern equipment, ensures safety and eco-friendliness for people and pets.

Visit the stand of company Lux-X 3А153 and see the adhesives ECO with your own eyes. Our specialists will consult you regarding all technical properties and will answer all questions you are interested in. The stand is located in the second line, to the right of entrance 3A.