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News 15 September 2020

Product is always the top priority for Centerpack

Our motto is “Each product must have its unique packaging”.

Each type of packaging is the unique philosophy with its own issues and peculiarities of production.

Having studied demands of our clients, we developed a number of solutions which you will like:

  1. Production of boxes with digital printing.
    Pros: a client does not bear expenses on production of printing clichés; the term of production of the first order is reduced by the time of printing cliché production; high quality of printing; opportunity to present a printing sample which will be in a batch before the start of batch production; solving of client’s marketing tasks.
  2. Boxes with windows
    We make windows in boxes, which allows clients or customers to see the product in detail before purchase.
    Pros: a window in corrugated cardboard box demonstrates freshness of a product, openness of a brand and readiness to communicate with a customer.
  3. Boxes of corrugated cardboard with inner heat-saving coating
    We apply coating that saves heat, is water-resistant and makes a box look in a distinct way, the coating can be transparent, golden and silver.
    Pros: a box saves heat, does not get wet, is more solid and looks peculiar.
  4. Complicated products
    We make boxes which you were dreaming of but none of suppliers was bold enough to do it.
    Pros: your product will be noticed and advertised for free at least in Instagram.
    Examples: boxes with outer corrugated layer with printing on it; boxes with holders “kinesthetic paradise”; two-level design; interaction with a client via box etc.
  5. Loyalty to regular clients
    We value our clients.
    Pros: unlimited print-run; discussion of any, even the craziest idea; storage in warehouse; saving of residual stock in our warehouse; automatic reminder; delivery; change of products with defects; individual pre-packing of packaging.
  6. Choosing of raw materials individually
    We choose raw materials based on color, density and texture. Our company selects raw material to meet client’s tasks. As you know, corrugated cardboard consists of two and more layers. We can assemble layers of corrugated cardboard like Lego depending on client’s needs.
    Pros: you get unique packaging which is hard to be copied by your competitors.
  7. Design of structure for a client
    We design the structure for a product. We see how an actual product will be placed in a packaging on all stages of technological process of our client.
    Pros: we make a test sample of structure before launching a batch; we work with actual product, not just drafts; you will know all details about packaging in all chain of business process before you order a batch.
  8. Interaction of structure and design
    We study the psychology of our clients’ customers. The more we work with a client, the better we know his market and needs of his customers. We follow the latest trends. You can be sure that you will have an interesting and competent ally in the process of development of design and packaging structure.  

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