News 02 March 2017

Confectionery without gluten

Such a "sensational" theme of gluten has not bypassed the International Forum of Food Industry and Packaging IFFIP 2017. What gluten is? Gluten –is fibrin, which is contained in the seeds of cereal plants (wheat, barley, rye). Disadvantage of gluten: true or false? The prevailing view is that gluten is harmful and every 3rd person has an open or latent intolerability. Today doctors are also talking about the danger of gluten. Gluten has a first place among such dangerous ingredients as lactose, sugar, fats, GMOs, yeast and eggs. Within the forum we have discovered that gluten-free flour can be obtained from rice, buckwheat, soybeans, corn and potatoes. How to be sure that you buy products without gluten? It must have this sign.

The chief cook of the Italian school NIP food has demonstrated today a master class on the preparation of confectionery without gluten.
Gluten free confectionery is an excellent alternative for those who are very fond of sweets and take care of their health.


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