News 02 March 2017

Innovative solution in food packaging

Discussion conference “Innovative solution in food packaging” took place on the second day of the International Forum of Food Industry and Packaging IFFIP 2017.

Implementation of innovations in food packaging is caused by the problem of inefficient use of food products. Every year around the world, 30-50% of food products are turned into waste, which is about 1.3 billion tons. If the situation doesn’t change, perspectives for the year 2020 will be 120 billion tons (+20%). This global problem can be solved with the help of packaging, because the role of packaging in the preservation of products is big. A special place is taken by flexible packaging because of resource savings.

Thanks to the presence of leading specialists of the food and packaging industry at the conference, it was possible to discuss such important themes:

  • The Save Food initiative and other instruments of packaging technologies for decreasing loss of food products;
  • Packaging solutions for small and medium business;
  • Automated systems for the acquisition of orders for the food industry.


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