News 22 March 2019

We invite you to visit the booth of the Master-Pack company

Dear friends! We would like to introduce Master-Pack company, a regular participant of the forum of food industry and packaging IFFIP.

Since 1997 the company has been working in 2 directions: equipment for pre-packing and packaging of bulk products, as well as various packaging materials (films, bags, laminated films).

An unquestionable leader of the manufactured products are bags for bread packaging of “wicket” type. These products will be demonstrated in different variations and materials at the exhibition. Nowadays it is quite a popular product with bread and bakery manufacturers. Besides, the bag of such a shape is also used for packaging of frozen chicken.

Furthermore, we will demonstrate laminated films for food (cereals, pasta, confectionery products), and non-food (washing powders, chemical additives), bags for substrates, hygienic fillers, construction mixtures.
Advertising bags or trade chains will be presented with a renewed composition! As of today, the company has upgraded the equipment for production of such bags, and following the market demands has chosen new technologies for production of polyethylene. One will be able to find bags both for premium and economy classes.

As for equipment, Master-Pack will present at the exhibition one of the novelties of its production – dispenser for doypack, stabilo bag, gusset bag with automatic seal. This is the most up-to-date equipment manufactured with regard to client’s demands.

There will also be a chance to see a packaging machine in operation of a new age, equipped with processor Unitronics, which is constructed in an easy-to-mantle design.

We invite you to visit the booth 1А012 of Master-Pack company!





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