News 18 April 2016

Conference of young scientists: “Newest packaging technologies” for Ukrainian packaging manufacturers

On the closing day of the International Forum of Food Industry and Packaging IFFIP 2016 the conference was held that was targeting improvement of packaging materials technologies.

The following topics were covered at the conference:

  • Experimental researches of the modification of container board by surface sizing;
  • Biodegradable film for preventing microbiological damage;
  • Frost resistance of packaging constructions made of non-plasticized polyvinyl chloride;
  • Research of the pressure effect on the friction coefficient of granular polymeric materials to metal;
  • Determination of the influence of the amphoteric polymer resins on the paper quality from wastepaper of brands ms-6b-3 and ms-7b-2;
  • Synthesis of new devices of reamers moving in unwrapping of equipment for manufacturing of packages;
  • Changes of hydrophilicity and fluidity from the composition of polyethylene-chalk;
  • Influence of the characteristics of dampening solutions on the stability of the process of packaging products printing;
  • Automation of calculations of technological parameters of labels printing with a nanophotonic elements for functional packages;
  • Optimization of operating modes of vibrating volume dozer for fine bulk materials;
  • Modelling of stream of air and water mixture in packaging technologies;
  • Research of packaging quality in trace examination of Ukrainian cognac;

All innovative developments that were presented belonged to the students of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnical Institute”, Lutsk National Technical University, National University “Lvivska Politekhnika”, National University of Food Technologies.


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