News 18 April 2016

Conference: “Zone of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) - access to EU markets”

Today, at the International Forum of Food Industry and Packaging IFFIP 2016 an important event was held that concentrated on all representatives of food and packaging sectors planning to deal with products exportation to the EU countries.

In general, information about the zone of deep and comprehensive free trade, the European programs, barriers entrepreneurs and manufacturers encountered was delivered by Wolfram Rehbock, general director of the Rehbock & Friends comapny. He offered detailed information about peculiarities of products exportation, criteria and standards for the European Union market. Special links were suggested to all participants of the conference that would be useful for entrepreneurs entering the European market.

Olga Trofimtseva, head of project “Consulting Ukraine on agricultural trade in the frames of DCFTA”, spoke on specificities of exporting Ukrainian agricultural products to EU in the frames of DCFTA. “Consulting Ukraine on agricultural trade in the frames of DCFTA between Ukraine and EU” was a three-year-long project aiming at political and practical support for Ukraine concerning agricultural trade, especially with EU. The project focuses small and medium enterprises and the niche products. Its aim is helping agricultural and processing enterprises enter European markets and get a steady position there. Also, the project representatives dealt with preparation, consultation of exporting companies and holding special trainings.

Andre Pilling, general director of the Eco Viva company, made his presentation for the topic “From Ukrainian field to German supermarkets”. He told the audience about the challenges in the process of FMCG introduction into German retail based on legal and practical requirements and necessities.

Conference participants that were only starting or thinking of starting exportation of their products had a chance to ask questions relating to the event topic and get practical recommendations of the specialists.


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